Good health is primary for all things in life and so easily under valued — until it is lost. At Rancho del Malibu we have created a series of workshops to help you take control of the future by giving you the tools to begin a healthy life.


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ready to quit?

Ready to quit smoking but don’t know where to start?


As part of Rancho del Malibu’s Longevity workshops we are pleased to offer Freedom from Smoking® Designed by the American Lung Association, FFS is considered the gold standard of smoking cessation programs and was ranked the most effective smoking cessation program by Fordham University Graduate School of Business.


As with our other workshops Freedom from Smoking® will take place in the relaxed and beautiful setting of our ranch house among the olive groves looking out over the ocean. In this calm and serene environment you will receive the tools and encouragement which will help you succeed in your most important goal — a long and healthy life.


Freedom from Smoking® is led by Isaac Briones, a certified FFS Facilitator and is offered in English and in Spanish.


Each program consists of eight two-hour sessions over a period of seven weeks. Programs begin March 4th and are held weekly on Tuesdays or Thursdays. (see schedule at right.)


As a companion strategy for successful smoking cessation, Rancho Malibu offers a separate intensive longevity
program. Please click here for more information.