about Rancho del Malibu

We live on a working ranch and farm our land.  As we walk out into the groves or the gardens or the orchards we see something new every day.  This page is our opportunity to share the things we see with you.



olive branches

Last weekend we harvested our olive trees. We started before dawn on Friday and finished picking late Saturday afternoon.  The yield this year was the largest we’ve had.  The olives were taken to the press and milled right away.  The oil is still settling but its taste is wonderful — fruity and clean with the pungent kick of a true extra virgin olive oil.  Thanks to all who came and helped with the harvest.  We hope to see you again next year!

olive picking

olive picking

The olive oil is a vivid green when it comes out of the press and into the stainless steel storage containers known as fustis (See below.)  One of the fustis sits on the sideboard in the farm kitchen,  tasting bowls alongside.  Olive oil is best served fresh, so we had some on our salad the day after we picked.  Delicious!