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Teachertopia’s Teacher Education program is designed to strengthen educator skills and classroom management effectiveness through instruction in the use of current technology and software programs. We believe that this can be most readily implemented by considering the Whole Teacher and addressing their health and welfare as part of our instruction.

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At Teachertopia our immediate focus is instruction in iPad proficiency and the integration of Schoology & Google Drive. Teachers are given personalized guidance in the expanded features of devices and programs and the application of these to organizing lesson plans, communicating collaboratively with other instructors, and monitoring classroom progress in real time. Groups are small – eight to ten teachers at a time – enabling our instructors to work with each individual teacher, guiding them through each step of the learning process.


Moreover, The Busy Teacher Workshops recognize that while change is good, transition can be difficult. And so we address the needs of the Whole Teacher, incorporating guided meditations for stress reduction, relaxation and inspiration. The Workshops take place in a beautiful, serene setting, and regular breaks are taken during each learning session. Healthy meals and snacks are set out, often prepared from the gardens and orchards at Rancho del Malibu. At the end of each Workshop teachers take away an “exercise book” of meditations for themselves and for their students.


In July and August 2013. The Teachertopia Busy Teacher Workshops were launched as a pilot program with a small select group of Los Angeles Unified School District teachers. The environment was a retreat setting at Rancho del Malibu and featured personalized instruction along with guided meditations and a short hike through the Rancho olive groves. The group’s experience was overwhelmingly positive and has been described as “inspirational” and “a perfect learning environment.”.


Our Teachertopia program provides an educational experience that is welcoming, non-judgmental and effective. Our focus on the Whole Teacher, which considers their psychological, emotional and physical health, is unique. But most important, the teachers leave us inspired. The ultimate beneficiaries are their students. In educating the teachers, we pass on to the students a learning experience, which will give them skills they can then use in the world beyond school.


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